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Welcome to Our Production Organization Chart and Corporate Directory


We have chosen to organize in a 'workflow' style process with our authors and not a 'single point of contact'. Of course there are benefits and aggravations with each method, but we think the 'workflow' method is more efficient. As an example, you will not need to go back to the Review Manager once you are working with the Marketing Manager. Also, by dealing with the decision maker in each division, you won't have to wait 2-3 days for emails to go back and forth.The purpose of this page is to describe the workflow process and to give you the emails that you will be using. It will seem like a lot, but in reality it is very simple, and we will be managing the process every step of the way.

Please, please do not 'spray' emails to everyone on this list. Seriously, if you do, we will probably terminate the relationship. We don't have time for that kind of lack of consideration. We will be treating you with the utmost respect, and we expect the same. Thank you for understanding. If you need to raise a 'red flag' the email you want is RedFlag @ AEGPublishingGroup.com. Please use it sparingly. "Your person didn't get back to my email today" is NOT a valid reason to use this email. Please allow at least 3 full days for a response before worrying.

Management Database Overview

Note: All emails below are either images or written in a spam fighting manner, so you will need to retype them without the spaces.

This is an actual screenshot of our management database program. You will be moving down the list, and interacting with different 'teams' through the process. An explanation of each team/department is below.

As you will see, we track the date the vendor gets the work, and the date returned, and the time used for each process. There are quite a few "moving parts" so it takes quite a bit of management to stay on top of production.

Our goal is to move you through this process as quickly as possible.

Manager Contacts

Contracts - Contract Manager:
ContractManager @ EloquentBooks.com or ContractManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

All questions about contracts, or contracts for new/additional work, should go to the ContractManager at the proper company that is printing your book.

MR - Manuscript Review - Review Manager:
ReviewManager @ EloquentBooks.com or ReviewManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

The manuscript review is the first step in the process. During the review we identify text improvements, legal issues, art issues, etc.

Editing - Edit Manager:
EditManager @ EloquentBooks.com or EditManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

The Edit Manager is in charge of the editing process for our clients that choose editing assistance.

Textblock - Print Manager
PrintManager @ EloquentBooks.com or PrintManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

After the edit decisions are complete. Your text will be formatted by the Print Manager and the PM team. You will be working with one of our talent book interior layout and designers to bring your text to a print ready state.

PR - Press Release:
PressManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

The Press Department will also be creating the text for your back cover. They will be in touch early in the process with a questionnaire for you to fill out. This information will also be used for your eventual Press Release.

Cover & Art - Art Manager:
ArtManager @ EloquentBooks.com or ArtManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

CC stands for Concept Cover. The Concept Cover can usually be completed pretty quickly.FC stands for Final Cover. The Final Cover cannot be completed until the Textblock is finished as that is where the final dimensions of the book will come from.

GP Galley Proof:
GPManager:GPManager @ EloquentBooks.com or GPManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.comGalley

Proofing is where everything is knit together, proofing occurs, and the final product is uploaded to the printer. The text and the cover are uploaded separately. This is the end of the production phase.

Next you will be entering marketing, placing your first order for books and receiving royalties.

Marketing - Marketing Manager:

MarketingManager @ EloquentBooks.com or MarketingManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

The Marketing Manager will be working with you for the marketing of your work.

Royalties - Royalty Manager:
RoyaltyManager @ EloquentBooks.com or RoyaltyManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

The Royalty Manager will be working with you for all Royalty related issues.

Author Orders - Author Order Manager:
AuthorOrderManager @ EloquentBooks.com or AuthorOrderManager @ StrategicBookPublishing.com

The Author Order Manager will be working with you to assist you in ordering your books.

If you need to raise a 'red flag' the email you want is RedFlag @ AEGPublishingGroup.com.

Thank you again for working with us. We anticipate a multi-year, profitable relationship. So, let's take our time, get it right the first time, and have fun making money together.